7 Routines to Clear Your Mind From Mental Clutter

7 Routines to Clear Your Mind From Mental Clutter

7 Routines to Clear Your Mind From Mental Clutter


Having a clear mind and a clear space allows you to think and act with purpose”.


Stray thoughts, deadlines, worries, dates to remember. We could all do so much better without all this mental clutter clouding our minds. We have to choose what we want to be important, and to do so we need to be organized, and true to ourselves.

These 7 routines can help you in removing your mental clutter. Add them to your daily life, and see if they can make a difference!

01. Meditation Everyday

Take 10 minutes everyday to meditate. Reflect on your feelings, on yourself, and your emotions. Sit down in a place where you can feel comfortable, and close your eyes. Focus on the present moment, and be mindful.

02. Regular Exercise

Find a sport you can grow to love, and dedicate yourself to it at least 3 times a week. Learn to make time only for your regular exercise, and fit it in your routine. Just don’t make excuses in order to miss out on it!


03. Use Awareness, Be Mindful

Each action you take must be taken with intention, and with the knowledge that it will have consequences. Be mindful of why you are making each choice, and that it will have a certain effect on you in the future.


04. Set Goals

Growth is all about setting life goals, and working towards them day after day. Focus on your priorities, and begin acting accordingly.

05. Create Lists

Clear your mind by writing everything down on paper. Make your own to-do-lists, start writing a journal or buy a calendar you can hang on the wall in order to clearly organize your deadlines and appointments.

06. Make Your Daily Routines

A clear daily routine means less indecision, and less mental clutter throughout your week. State clearly to yourself what you need to accomplish, and don’t forget to make room for everything.


07. Tidy Your Home

A tidy home means a tidier life. And when your life is tidy, your mind feels at ease. Try to reduce the clutter in your home: give every object a place where it belongs, and put it away once you are done using it.


That’s it! I hope you will be able to fit these simple but effective routines in your life, and that they may be of aid to you in removing the mental clutter that risks making you feeling uneasy. Let us know if you have your own ways to clear your mind in the comments down below!