7 Scientific Reasons Why Meditation Is Good For You

7 Scientific Reasons Why Meditation Is Good For You

Never really given meditating much thought? Think it’s just for mountain top Monks? Luckily, meditation is anyone and everyone with both health and mental benefits! It’s scientifically proven that meditation works as a natural remedy to improve focus, boost your immune system and happiness! Don’t believe me? Check out the 7 scientific reasons why meditation is good for you and start meditating today!

7. It Can Help You Become More Of A People Person

Meditation can be great if you’re an introvert and the thought of the office Christmas party has you shaking in your boots. But how? A bunch of scientists in white labs coats (probably) tested a broaden-and-build theory which entailed a group exercise consisting of loving-kindness meditation. The results saw an increase of positive emotion in the subjects (a group of working adults), becoming more compassionate, friendly and easy-going with their fellow man.

Business People Meeting Seminar Sharing Talking Thinking Concept

Did they just become more social out of the blue? Nope. Meditation makes you a more centered person and improves your focus. By practising this kind of meditation it was seen that this increases a wide array of personal resources (e.g., increased mindfulness, purpose in life, social support, decreased illness symptoms).

(Source: Positive Emotions Induced Through Loving Kindness Meditation)

6. What’s The Physical Impact? Meditation Boosts Your Immune System

Sick of getting sick? Start using meditating as a natural remedy to boost your immune system. If science says it good for you then it must be right? Well this study shows that over a period of 8 weeks meditators who regularly got in the zone actually created a significant increased in antibody titers which deter illnesses such as influenza. Not too shabby.

natural remedy depression

(Source: Alterations in Brain and Immune Function Produced by Mindfulness Meditation)

5. Looking To Boost Your Gray Matter? Look No Further…

What the frick is gray matter? I wondered the same thing. Without getting into too much of a biology lesson, basically, gray matters is a primary component of your central nervous system. Boosting your gray matters sees a great improvement to regions of the brain composed with muscle control and sensory perception.

gray matter

Using meditation as a natural remedy is all the better for your hearing, sight, memory, speech, decisiveness, self-control and speech! Pretty neat eh?

(Source: Long-Term Meditation: Larger Hippocampal and Frontal Volumes of Gray Matter)

4. It Helps You Kick Medically Diagnosed Depression

Depression sucks. We can all agree with that. If you’re looking for an natural remedy to beat depression meditation is a good route to take. It’s medically proven that mediation helps beat the blues; another group of white-beared scientists (again, probably) ran an experiment in which a small pool of people who suffered from lifelong mental health issues took on an 8 week meditation program.

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The results came back awesomely positive! Results indicated that regularly practising meditation lead to a big decrease in ruminative thinking: the poisonous disease of constantly focusing on the negatives aspects of life.

(Source: The Effects of Mindfulness Meditation in Patients with Past Depression)

3. It Helps You Focus On Who You Are & What Matters Most In Your Life

How aware of yourself do you think you are? Do you often feel a lost? Another incredible benefit of meditation is that it boosts your coherence, the ability to be aware of yourself. Body and mind are interconnected, you don’t need to be scientist you know that. But what is good to know is that practising mediation can help you regain focus in your life goals and analyse what’s important to you.

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But where’s the science? A study was conducted by smart dudes at Berkeley University California which took body-awareness meditators and dancers (sidenote: dancing is a form of meditation). The results were in and saw these two groups experienced a linear increase in being aware one’s self in comparison to a group who didn’t practise meditation or dancing.  

(Source: Coherence Between Emotional Experience and Physiology)

2. Meditation Melts Away Stress & Increases Self-Compassion

Think you might be giving yourself a hard time? Life can certainly be stressful and sometimes it seems like no matter what we do, we do it wrong. It happens to everyone. But you should cut yourself some slack. But how does meditation help you in this area?

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Like many other meditation-related studies, this meditation experiment was carried out over a similar period of 8-weeks in which it was suggested that mindfulness meditation is a key player in reducing stress and increasing quality of life. The experiment was carried out amongst the high-stress industry of a group of health-care professionals.

(Source: Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction for Health Care Professionals)

1. Meditation Can Help You Become A Multitasking Ninja

Turns multitasking is a total myth. Who knew? What it is actually is the ability to do multiple tasks well. Another one of many wonderful benefits of meditation as it increases you ability to do a couple of different tasks really well,! A test was given to two groups, meditators and non-meditators.

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Overtime it was examined that although the task time and errors didn’t differ significantly between the two groups. What it did show was that the group of meditators reported lower levels of stress and showed better memory for the given tasks. We in turn, saw them switch tasks less often and remained focused on tasks longer. So start meditating to give your brain a kickstart to improve your focus and performance!

Source: Initial Results for The Effects of Meditation on Multitasking Performance

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