7 Signs that You Need More Sleep

7 Signs that You Need More Sleep

Have you ever nodded off while working, or, even worse, while driving? These and many others are  important signs your body is giving you – learn how to understand them!

Your body can work perfectly well with just 5 hours of sleep per night. Or that at least is what you would like to believe. In order to give 100% during the day, an adult has to sleep from 7 to 9 hours per night: let nobody tell you that less or more is just fine! Here are some tell tale signs that you obviously need more sleep, and that you might be facing some sleep problems.

You Act Stupid During Your Breakfast.

You can tell how the day is going to pass by from how awake and receptive you are during your breakfast. If you are not well awake by the time you are drinking your coffee, you might want to reconsider going to bed a little bit earlier in the evening.

… and You Are Emotive During the Rest of the Day.

Your mood swings a lot, and you are not able to control your emotions. Just the simplest thing is able to piss you off, and even the smallest critique can be ill received. Sleeping too little inhibits the  ability of thinking positively, and this cannot be countered by coffee unfortunately.

You Need More Carbohydrates. Loads of Them.

Sleeping less than what your body needs lowers the level of hormones that make you feel satisfied and full when eating. If that happens, your brain will soon start to crave carbohydrates – a kind of quickly burned energy. If you get better sleep, you will stop craving unhealthy treats such as muffins or cookies as you will feel that you do not need them anymore.

You Click Your Pen and Stomp Your Feet.

Your brain has to keep your body moving, and that means that you will be agitated and could develop unusual habits such as clicking your pen and stomping your feet repeatedly . These sleep problems are a signs that you need more sleep.

You Suffer from Lapsing

Lapsing is when your brain takes a nap without you even realizing it. Your brain does this in order to stop from elaborating new information, as it is too tiered to keep on processing new stuff. These naps might last as little as a couple of seconds, in which you have no control over your body.

Problems with Equilibrium

Small everyday actions are more difficult than usual, and you have difficulties coordinating yourself. Studies have shown that a sleepless night affects the body in the same way that a moderate amount of alcohol would, limiting your reaction times.

You Get Active Late at Night

As ten in the evening approaches, you start realizing that your body is not sleepy at all, and that it is more active. That’s its way of trying to balance out the situation and to give you some energy. To counter that and avoid further sleep problems, try forcing yourself to sleep. Turn off all social media and computers and just head to bed. It might take some time to get used to the new routine, but its worth it.

What else can you do to counter this? How to get more sleep when you need in the most? Here is some deep sleep music directly from our main youtube channel.

I hope this music can help you get better sleep, and that you can find more balance thanks to it.