7 Smart Things to do on Sunday: How to have a Productive Weekend!

7 Smart Things to do on Sunday: How to have a Productive Weekend!

Waiting for Monday morning, prepare yourself for the weekend! You could have had a productive weekend, but you occupied your hours with meaningless activities. In order to avoid that, here is a list of helpful things to do on Sunday!

Picture yourself. The weekend has just ended, but you feel as none of your time was invested in an intelligent way; there are things to do, and you can’t fit all them in your schedule. The house needs cleaning, you need to prepare a healthy lunch for work if you want to avoid eating fast food, and your mail box is full of spam. Want to avoid getting in this situation once and for all? Well then just follow this list of 7 simple (but important!) things to do on Sunday before facing the start of the week!

1. Be Prepared

Many people think of Sunday not as a day on which to be productive, but only a day where to rest one last time before going to work or school. Wrong! Sunday is simply the gateway to the week, a day on which to prepare for what is to come.

be prepared

2. Clean Your Mail

Personally, I get a lot of junk mail during weekends. As soon as I get off work on Friday night, they come flooding in and fill my inbox. Spam is what can stop us from beginning the working week positively: before going to bed on Sunday, delete all those mails you will not need on Monday morning!

clean your mind

3. Write a To-Do List

Jot down the tasks or appointments you have in a detailed week plan. Need to go to the dentist? Make sure to remember! Need to take the cat to the vet? Have enough time for that! Don’t let small tasks catch you unprepared, and never have enough time to fit in unforeseen events.

3 - to-do list

4. Clean Your Desk

If you work from home, clean your working area before the week starts. Make sure that nothing can bother you or take your attention away from Monday’s projects.

4 - clean your desk

5. Clean the House

As simple as it is important – don’t limit to clearing just your desk! Make sure you do the laundry, sweep the house and wash the dishes before you start your working week. As soon as Monday comes, unfortunately, you may not have enough time to do these simple tasks, or you may be too tired. A clean house is a clean conscience!

5 - clean the house

6. Plan Your Meals

Planning and prepping meals to take at the office is a very important task to take care of on Sunday. What I usually do is I prepare a healthy stack of rice and side dishes to keep in the fridge, that I can add to other fresh ingredients I pick up daily. This way, I can avoid having to resort to fast foods!

6 - plan your meals

7. Have Some Tea

Are you done? Good. Now sit back, relax, and enjoy a piping hot cup of tea. Relish at the thought of having completed most of the things that could have bothered you during the week. As a result, you will have more time for yourself to relax!

7 - have some tea