7 Strategies to Free Your Mind in Order to Stop Overthinking

7 Strategies to Free Your Mind in Order to Stop Overthinking

7 Strategies to Free Your Mind in Order to Stop Overthinking

How many times have you ruined your day (or perhaps week) just because you always have to overthink everything? Life would be so easy if you could only free your mind from toxic thoughts. Doubting yourself constantly is a dangerous habit. Especially when you don’t even realize that you’ve definitely crossed the line and you’re not simply a highly critical person.

We have 7 strategies that could help you out. But you must be real serious if you want to stop overthinking things once and for all. Toxic thoughts will always try to creep into your mind. It will be your duty to keep them out as you implement these tips and exercises.

Attend Mindfulness Classes

Practicing mindfulness meditation is one of the best ways to get rid of negative thoughts. But why do these mindfulness classes work so well? It’s simple. By teaching you this very specific kind of meditation you’ll learn to accept things as they come without dwelling on them unnecessarily. You’ll learn to keep under control toxic thoughts. And even if they’ll eventually come up, they won’t affect you anymore like they used to.


You can’t really free your mind if you always focus on the negative. So start by being grateful for everything you have in your life. Keeping a journal can help, too. Just write every morning a thing you’re grateful for until it becomes automatic. You’ll be surprised of how disruptive the power of gratitude is.


I bet it’s not a surprise that exercising made it to this list. Keeping your body in shape strengthens also your mind. And if you’re already practicing mindfulness and implementing the power of gratitude, exercising constantly will amplify their effectiveness.


Smiling and Laughing

You feel better when you laugh, it’s true. As our brain registers the fact that our facial muscles are making us smile it releases chemical substances that make us feel good with ourselves. So, smile more. Also, have you ever heard of Hasya yoga?


Distractions Aren’t Always a Bad Thing

Distractions are a double edged sword. You can’t distract yourself to the point that you lose sight of your goals. However, disconnecting your brain for a little bit can really help you stop overthinking things. If negativity is knocking at your door do something else! Detach yourself from what’s stressing you out. Go for a healthy walk perhaps, or maybe, read your journal of gratitude!

Get Yourself a Hobby

This one is pretty straightforward and goes hand in hand with the previous tip. If you focus yourself on something you truly care about, you’ll have less time to listen to those bad thoughts you’re trying to extinguish.

Spend Some Time Alone

For some, spending time alone with themselves is the worst thing they can possibly do. It’s right then and there that overthinking takes control of their mind. So why are we suggesting you to stay away from everyone for a little bit? Well, it’s because it’s only by staying alone that you learn how to love yourself. Accepting who you are and how you process feelings plays a major role when it comes to freeing your mind.

Embrace Your Thoughts

To stop overthinking you need to accept that you essentially are your thoughts. Problems arise when you’re actively trying to fight with your mind. Instead, you should accept that toxic thoughts are indeed part of everyone’s lives and it’s all about learning how to keep them under control.

That’s all. Mindfulness and taking advantage of the power of gratitude are definitely the most effective ones. However, we suggest you to try all of these 7 strategies at once in order to keep your mind as clear as possible and to live a life without worrying unnecessarily.