7 Tips for a Healthy Summer in 2019

7 Tips for a Healthy Summer in 2019

7 Tips for a Healthy Summer in 2019

When the days get very hot due to summer, the number of emergency cases in hospitals can increase, especially due to problems such as insect bites, dehydration, burns or even food poisoning. To have a healthy summer and avoid running the risk of having any of these problems, here are some simple tips – such as wearing light clothing or changing the exercise schedule- that you can follow every day. 

Lucky for you, we’ve put together our top seven tips for staying happy and healthy this summer: keep these on your radar and enjoy your holidays!

1. Avoid the sun between 12h and 16h

Although it is not possible to completely avoid the sun, the most important thing is to avoid exposure during the hottest hours, between noon and 16h. During this time, the sun’s rays are stronger and therefore, in addition to being a greater risk of sunburn, there is also a higher loss of water through the skin. Beware, as it can cause severe dehydration.

Even if you are not lying in the sun, it is essential to wear sunscreen every 3 hours, wear a hat and wear sunglasses. Find out the best protector for your skin!


2. Exercise in the morning

Physical exercise is crucial to keep your body functioning properly, as well as to eliminate toxins. So, do your exercise early in the morning, when the day is cooler. Whenever possible, one should do physical activity in shady places.

3. Wear light and cotton clothing

The use of light colored and light clothing helps your skin eliminate excess heat from the body. That way, it is preferable to choose light shirts, shorts and summer dresses, for example. Never wear dark clothing such as black, brown or navy blue as they absorb more heat.

In addition, it is advisable to prefer clothes of natural material, such as cotton or linen, instead of synthetic fabrics such as polyester or lycra. They let the skin breathe more easily, avoiding an exaggerated increase in body temperature.

4. Drink 2 liters of water per day

This tip seems obvious, but a lot of people forget to drink water during the day, especially when they are working. So even if you are not at the beach or at the pool, it is important to keep a bottle of water close by, so that you try to drink 2 liters of water per day to maintain hydration.

Some examples of perfect drinks to hydrate beyond water are natural fruit juices, coconut water or even iced tea. The ideal is to avoid soft drinks and sugary drinks because they do not hydrate enough and can even cause a lack of water in the body.


5. Avoid spicy and indigestible meals

A lot of meals with spicy foods or other indigestible ingredients such as sausages make the body slower and cause overwork by the stomach. They make it difficult to eliminate heat. This is why you should choose to eat lighter meals and better digestible foods, such as vegetables, fruits and pasta.

6. Have the air conditioner on or a fan

This tip almost needs no explanation. In fact, having air conditioning at home or at the workplace is the best way to stay cool. But do not forget that this type of equipment needs to be reviewed every year to avoid the buildup of bacteria that can cause serious diseases such as legionella. If you do not have air conditioning, an environmentally friendly alternative is to use a fan. Although the fan does not cool the air, it allows you to create small currents of air that in contact with your skin help eliminate excess heat by refreshing the body.


7. Leave doors and windows open

Leaving doors and windows open is a great way to complement the fan. The air flows inside your home more easily, avoiding a muffled or stagnant environment. Beware: if you are in a region with dengue mosquitoes, place mosquito nets on all windows and doors before leaving them open.

By following these tips, you can enjoy the benefits of the sun without neglecting the care of your health and well-being. Now, just enjoy the most exciting season of the year and have a healthy summer!