7 Ways to be Happier in 2015

7 Ways to be Happier in 2015

A new year, a new start! Learn how to become happy and make your life more positive by following a few simple tips.


Happiness is one of the best emotions we can experience. Being able to remain happy and positive for longer periods of time can, however, be extremely difficult for many people. The key to living a truly fulfilling life, after all, lies in being happy. Through happiness we can improve both our mood and our health, our social lives are better, and we feel more active.


Here are seven ways to be happy! Use them in 2015 to change your life around:


Eat Right

Loading up on positive and satisfying nutrients is the best way to start a new year! In 2015, make sure to consume a lot of fresh fruit and vegetables. Magnesium and Omega-3, respectively found in large quantities in dried nuts and fish, play an important role in lowering the risk of depression and fatigue.

Keep A Positive Attitude

One of the best ways to be happy is to stay positive. Rethinking about the past and imagining how things could have gone is not going to get you anywhere. Think about the present, no looking back!

Stay in the Sun

Exposing your skin to just a little sunlight every day will help your body produce Vitamin D, a nutrient that has been scientifically proven to lower the chances of depression.

Exercise More

And what better way to bask in the sun than taking a stroll in the park? Here is way to be happy number 4: more exercise. While working out does not cause happiness, it does help creating it. While moving, our body releases endorphins (the โ€œfeel goodโ€ hormone), promoting a sense of euphoria that lasts for hours.

Enjoy the Small Things

Life is made of small moments, not just big events. Make every little moment an enjoyable one; when taking a bath, when making a cup of tea, when watching a movie. Try and love and enjoy the small things that life has to offer.

Listen to Music

Music can have a beautiful soothing effect on your mind. It helps lower your heart rate, and can heal both your inside and your outside.

Sleep More

A healthy sleeping pattern is essential to staying happy and positive. Sleeping too little (or too much) can be bad for your health and could cause stress and unhappiness. Make sure your sleeping pattern is correct, and if it is not fix it in 2015.

I hope you found this list of ways to be happier useful, and that it may be useful for you in the upcoming year. Have a beautiful, positive, happy 2015!