8 Little Known Facts About Depression

8 Little Known Facts About Depression

Did you know these facts about depression? The list we compiled right here may amaze you.

Feeling sad or “depressed” can happen to all of us. It goes away eventually. However, for some people it does not, and they can stay that way for weeks, even months. At that point depression becomes a disorder, and can affect your mind as well as your body.

Being a mental disorder more than a physical one, there are many misconceptions about depression. It is a disease that does not manifest itself clearly on your body, and this lowers our understanding of it as what we can not see we can not understand. The following is a lost of little known depression facts, including depression statistics and information on how to fight it.

It’s Not Just Being Sad

Depression is not just “being sad”. It can also mean a loss of appetite, problems sleeping, loss of energy, inability to stay positive, loss of interest in fun activities and concentration problems.

Depression Statistics

Who does it affect? According to depression statistics, one person out of six has the possibility of developing symptoms of depression throughout their lifetime. It affects about 121 million people, and this number includes more women than men.


Depression statistics also reveal that when depressed an individual is five times more likely to commit suicide. The categories that are more at risk are teenagers and people under 24 years of age.

You Can Live With It

Many people have dealt with depression while going on with their lives. Famous examples include Brad Pitt, Oprah Winfrey, Billy Joel and J.K. Rowling.

Teenage Depression

Teenage depression is mostly related to hormone changes and affects about a teenager out of ten. It is often compared to adults’ depression, but it is quite different.

It Can Be Affected By Seasons

Symptoms brought by the change of seasons can be misinterpreted. Make sure that it really is depression and not something else; stay positive!

Be Open Minded

The more open minded you are, the less likely you are to be affected by depression. This is because you accept yourself and know how to react to adversities.

Yoga Can Help You

Psychiatrist agree that practicing yoga can be useful to patients affected by depression, as it helps releasing endorphins (the feel good chemical).

Here is music from out YouTube channel Meditationrelaxclub to do yoga exercises.

We hope you found these facts about depression useful, and that you now have a better understanding of this state of mind.