8 Simple Ways To Feel Great About Yourself

8 Simple Ways To Feel Great About Yourself

8 Simple Ways To Feel Great About Yourself

If you want to perk yourself up and start building self confidence, sometimes the simplest methods are the most effective to do so. Instead of trying to give yourself a complete personality overhaul, try some of these easy tips and tricks that will have your ego boosted with minimal effort in no time at all.

1. Buy something nice as a special treat, lavishing yourself with appreciation and self love will always make you feel great.

2. Get your hair done by a professional, not only will you feel perfectly pampered, you will also have a new ‘do that will make you feel like a brand new person.

3. Start your morning with some positive affirmations that will put you in a great mood and have you feeling positive about what the day ahead will bring.

4. Look in the mirror and smile, the very act of seeing yourself expressing joy and happiness will automatically cheer you up. Remember, confidence shines from within.


5. Make a list of your 5 best attributes, they can be absolutely anything just as long as they are things you love about yourself. You can also make a list of 5 things you feel grateful for or lucky to have.

6. Take a walk outside by yourself, not only will the exercise release endorphins and make you feel good, it also gives you a chance to take a breather, relax and reflect on things.

7. Music can instantly change our mood, so put on your favourite upbeat music and sing along to your heart’s content and at the top of your lungs.


8. Do a good deed such as giving change to a charity box or paying someone a compliment. It doesn’t have to be big but doing something nice for someone else will make you feel good also – win win!

We hope you enjoyed our simple ideas to help you become more confident and feel better about yourself. What things do you do when you need to pick yourself up a bit?