9 Ways Meditation Improves Your Relationship

9 Ways Meditation Improves Your Relationship

9 Ways Meditation Improves Your Relationship

When included in your daily routine, meditation can be a very beneficial habit for physical and mental health. In addition to calming and reducing stress levels, this practice helps you become more aware of your own body, and improves your flexibility… But there’s more! The practice of yoga and meditation can still be a “holy remedy” for couples. Yoga – when done by both, even in separate moments – manages to reduce the number of discussions between lovers, it will increase patience and help stop impulsive attitudes. From consciousness and honesty, meditation – without a doubt – improves couple communication and intimacy: it is able to improve your love life because it influences positively your sexual life, not only for greater flexibility but also for the greater capacity to enjoy the moment and to feel pleasure.

Maybe you have heard how yoga and meditation can help with so many things, from focus to sleep. But they also have another enormously valuable added benefit: they improve your relationships. Meditation can seem selfish, but it actually makes you a better partner. You may wonder how, but research shows it does. Here’s how!

Improves positivity

Love is complicated: there are thousands of songs that prove that. But the key of a successful love story is to remain calm and stay positive! Use all of your resources, including meditation, to find a solution to your romantic problems and then implement it.

Enhances energy

If you are in a long-term relationship, you need to have enough energy to be romantic. Love needs a lot of work. Studies show that deep breathing meditation gives your body the extra oxygen bump it needs to keep going! Yoga and meditation could help you to recharge the energy necessary to dedicate yourself to your partner.

Heightened intuition

Sometimes couples ignore their partner, thinking that “she” or “he” will eventually revert to their old ways. But when couples begin meditating, they each tend to cultivate a more refined sense of intuition, which allows them to “see” the subtle changes within their partnership dynamic.

Less neediness

As meditation releases stress, couples become more adaptable and, so, much less needy as individuals. Nobody likes being around you when you’re being needy or controlling, especially your partner. No stress, more love.


More compassionate

Metta or “Loving-kindness” is a word used in Buddhist traditions to describe a kind of meditation focused on developing a deep sense of benevolence and care. Without this, your love relationship is doomed to fail. Meditation permits you to catch the thread of connection between you and your partner, which makes you more compassionate.

No reaction

One practice in meditation is observing thoughts without reacting to them. This skill becomes useful in your relationship: meditating, you have an easier time listening to your partner’s thoughts and opinions without being reactive. Your partner will be more prone to opening up and sharing more!

Increased sexual energy

Studies show how meditation can increase testosterone in men, which heightens our sexual energy. And both men and women who meditate regularly become more tuned into their hearts. Both partners will bring more energy, excitement and connection into the bedroom.

Better communication

Meditation is one of the best things – for a couple – to do before having a discussion. One of the most important communication skills is listening: meditation helps you listen your partner and develop the feeling of unity. Talk to her (or to him), in this way you – together – will overcome your relationship’s obstacles. Good communication is a great love’s goal!

Be Yourself

Meditation sets you to be yourself and, at the same time, accepting your partner for who she or he is. Love relationships can be complex. but there’s a good chance that because you both meditate, some unnecessary drama will be prevented. Relationships are important for connection, community and growth and meditation helps you start with yourself and then focus your attention to creating connection and long-lasting relationships with others.