A Spa Like Sea: Health Benefits of Water and Salt

A Spa Like Sea: Health Benefits of Water and Salt

The holiday season is here! Will you be going to the sea this summer? You might be amazed to know about all the health benefits it could give you…

You could argue that every vacation brings serenity and makes you feel better. But going to the sea has its very own health benefits that you could not find anywhere else! People are very often unaware about the special properties of ocean water and sea salt benefits. So here are the powers your body will experience if you decide to head to the beach this summer!

Among the health benefits of water, we find the power to lower blood pressure. Thanks to the salt, it also has antibacterial properties and improves blood circulation, making you more tonic while you swim through it.

But the best part is what happens to your skin when it come in contact with it: it cleans it, removes bacteria and helps fight inflammation. If you suffer from skin diseases such as acne and psoriasis, you might be aware of how your pores clean up after a week at sea!

The sea spa effect is not only created by the water, but by the sand as well. Sand and small pebbles create the perfect natural scrub that eliminates dead skin from your body. Be careful not to use it too much on your face, however, as it may be too aggressive and irritate you. To scrub away the dead skin from your legs and body, just sit next to the shore and pick up small bunches of wet sand to rub  in a circular motion.

End your sea spa day by not only enjoying the sea salt benefits, but the ones of the sand as well. Sand bathing can be extremely relaxing, and is great for people that suffer from articulation problems or arthritis. You just need to make a 10cm deep hole and lie in it. Have someone cover your whole body, and stay there with your head well protected from the sun for about 10 minutes. The properties of sand make it transfer the heat gradually without burning, making for a very cozy experience. A dip in the ocean is the perfect way to wash all the sand away!

I hope you found this information useful, and that you may enjoy this knowledge if you go to the sea during your summer break!