Accept Yourself: How To Be Body Positive and Rise Above Negative Comments

Accept Yourself: How To Be Body Positive and Rise Above Negative Comments

Accept Yourself: How To Be Body Positive and Rise Above Negative Comments

“Whatever you may say, the body depends on the soul” – Nikolai Gogol

We’re all human. It’s ok to be different from one another, to have our own characteristics; that’s what makes us special! Sometimes, while looking in the mirror, we wish we were a little bit thinner on the thighs, a bit taller, or maybe that the mole on the nose would just disappear. The saddest part is that if other people had not told us about these features, we would never have noticed them!

We’ve all had those thoughts. The wish we could take control of what lies before us in the mirror, and change it into what we believe is perfect. Truth is, you are perfect just the way you are. Here are some ways in which you can rise above negative comments, and learn to be body positive through acceptance of yourself.

Express Your Feelings

In many cases, the best way to deal with how uncomfortable other people’s comments make us feel is by being upfront about our feelings. You will get a weight off your chest, and they will understand that their words could have been unwantingly hurtful.


Set Boundaries

The first point brings be to this: setting clear boundaries to others, and making them understand when it’s ok to be overly critical is essential. When members of our family, friends or partners overstep our boundaries and hurt our feelings, it’s ok to teach them how to treat us. Ask them to be more sensitive, and that you are on your own personal journey to accept yourself and be body positive.


Don’t Take Things Personally

Most of the time, people who criticize you are the ones that are the most insecure about themselves. When someone makes a comment, remind yourself that they are projecting their own insecurities on people around them. Truly happy people will make positive, constructive comments, and will root for you.

Understand your Triggers

When you are triggered by another person’s words, analyze why they made you feel that way. Try and move the emphasis from the anger that you felt by listening, to the meaning of that anger. Focus, and get that reaction under control. Exploring the feelings that these negative comments evoke will let you rise above them, and help you accept yourself.


I hope you found this body positive article helpful. For other tips on a healthy and confident lifestyle, check out the rest of the Meditation Relax Club blog!

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