How To Achieve Spiritual Wellness In The Workplace

How To Achieve Spiritual Wellness In The Workplace

How To Achieve Spiritual Wellness In The Workplace

When thinking of our work life, spirituality might not be the first thing that comes to mind as most of us would consider this area of our life to be the least spiritual aspect of ourselves. The majority of us go to work to earn a wage and make a living and we fail to take into account the massive affect our choice of work has on our mental wellbeing. Stress in the workplace is an all too common complaint, and dealing with it properly is an all too rare occurrence.

What, therefore, can we do to find the meaningful connections in our work lives that we so desperately need in order to live a healthy, fulfilled life?

Reduce Work Stress

Well to start, handling stress effectively can greatly reduce our negative associations with our job. Removing the stress factor can go a long way to enjoying the work that we do which in turn will contribute to our spiritual wellness. This might mean reducing your work load, being more organized and efficient or getting a helping hand, there are a number of things you can do to reduce stress so start removing the things causing it straight away.

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Find Meaning

Next up – find meaning in your work. We are not all lucky enough to be doing our dream job or something that we can find a lot of meaning in but you can still create your own meaning in the work that you do. This might mean doing the best you can do everyday to boost your morale and integrity. Take pride in your work, whatever it is, and the meaning starts to become more about you than the job itself.

Make Connections

Spiritual growth is far easier achieved when we have a support group around us that we can lean on, rely on and trust. At home we have family and friends, but at work your colleagues are your closest allies – or at least they should be if you want to have a happy work life. Make use of the fact that you spend so much time with your colleagues, probably a lot more than you see your own family, and try to make deeper connections with them beyond work. Not only will you enjoy going to work more, you will find a deeper meaning in your daily work life and you will cope a lot better with stress in the workplace.

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Make A Personal Shrine

It might not be best to go overboard with this but a few personal touches to your desk at work can go a long way to bringing you back to who you are and remind you of your life outside of your job. Surround yourself by things that make you smile, photos of family and friends or hang a quote that never fails to motivate or inspire you at your desk. Whatever gives you the most meaning in life, find a way to incorporate it into your surroundings. Keep things organized and clutter free – this makes handling stress somewhat easier.

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Work Yoga

Some offices now provide yoga or pilates classes to employees. If your workplace does this, take advantage of it when you can as this is highly beneficial when it comes to relaxing and handling stress.

Bring The Outside In

Plants bring a breath of fresh air into an office space and are perfect to promote spiritual wellness. Keep a fresh plant at your desk and incorporate some bigger ones into your office space.

Don’t Give In To Office Politics

Untitled design (33)Corporate life can be stressful, but you have full control over how you behave and how you interpret things. Don’t get dragged down by what others are doing or get involved in any bitching, gossiping or fights for promotions. Just concentrate on yourself and do your job with utmost integrity, that is the only way to guarantee your own spiritual wellness. If someone else gets
ahead because of underhanded means, let them and move on. In the long run, you will be better off looking back at your life knowing that you did what you felt was right.