Achieving Work Life Balance: 7 Strategies You Could Use

Achieving Work Life Balance: 7 Strategies You Could Use

Achieving Work Life Balance: 7 Strategies You Could Use

Many of you wonder what are the secrets of happy families. How do they manage to make everything work? Well, some of it is just pretending. But the major part is all about effective time management and achieving work life balance.

These concepts are pretty easy if you think about it. But once you’re thrown in the midst of juggling your day between kids, a job, your significant other, and hobbies, things can get out of hand. We know what it feels like to be completely stressed out. So to help you out, here are 7 work life balance tips you can immediately use.

Come Up With a Purpose Statement

The first step to achieving work life balance is definitely to create a personal purpose statement. This way, you figure out what’s really important to you and realize that perhaps your time allocation isn’t optimal.

Set Boundaries

Having your smartphone always in your pocket can really trick you into bringing some of your work home. And this is what usually prevents people from realizing that they’re sacrificing precious family time just to catch up a little with work matters.

Try to stay away for as long as possible from your handheld devices. Put them on a place you choose and let them sit there from when you come home to, at least, after you’re done with dinner.


Make Time for You

Finding some time for yourself is also vital to live a satisfactory family life. Work on some personal development project once or twice a week. By doing so you won’t feel like you’re always asked to give without receiving anything in return.

Create a Wake Up Routine

Like we already suggested, there are so many upsides of creating your personal wake up routine. Performing it every morning will help you start off the day right. Moreover, it will passively improve your mood making you significantly less prone to engage in unpleasant (and unnecessary) discussions with your family members.


Among our work life balance tips this can be the most controversial. It’s proven that working while also trying to do anything else can be very detrimental. However, you need to get in the mindset that any chance of spending time with your family shall be seized.

If you need to go to the grocery store, why don’t you bring one of your kids along?


Create Rituals

Creating a coming home ritual can help your brain to enter in “family mode” very easily. It helps because this way, you’re figuratively leaving all the work problems behind to spend quality time with those who matter the most. It really can be anything, from singing a song to touching your nose right when crossing the door of your home.

Evaluate Your Progress with the Family

Effective time management can’t be taught. It’s all trial and error. That’s why it’s important to always check in with the family in order to know whether you’re doing a good job.

The secrets of happy families are many. But most of them all come down to effective time management and open dialogue. What about you? Are you already implementing some of these techniques in your daily life?