Acupressure Points: Relieve Stress the Natural Way

Acupressure Points: Relieve Stress the Natural Way

Acupressure Points: Relieve Stress the Natural Way

Born thousands of years ago in China, acupressure is the needle-less version of acupuncture, another practice that promotes wellness and relaxation.

Sometimes called the pressure acupuncture, this traditional asian medical theory describes many special body pressure points that can be massaged to relieve stress or channel energy to inaccessible parts. Headache, back pain, or chronic problems can be alleviated by a simple finger massage. Here are the most useful you should know about!

The Tip of Your Fingertips

Lightly grab the tip of your finger with the other hand’s index and thumb. Roll it around, and apply pressure for a few seconds. Release, repeat, and then move on to the next finger on your hand. Complete the circle: this exercise is said to fight off migraines and headaches.

The Navel

The acupressure points just above and below your naval are said to fight off abdominal pain when massaged the correct way. With three fingers, lightly apply pressure on them, rolling around and transmitting heat to the abdomen. This can also help with constipation, indigestion and menstruation cramps. Practice this massage with some relaxing music to increase the benefits of this healthy relaxation.

The Soft Flesh Between Your Thumb and the Index Finger

This ever important spot is used as a starting point for all kinds of massages, ranging from knee pain to back problems. Just grab the flesh gently with your thumb and index, and apply pressure following your own heartbeat.

finger massage

The Sole of Your Feet

Right beneath your 3rd toe, there’s a soft spot that can be found by sliding your finger under the sole of your foot. This useful point can be stimulated in order to relieve stress, anxiety, and cure insomnia.

foot massage

I hope this rapid guide to the most important pressure massage spots in your body has proven to be useful. For more info, ask a finger massage specialist what the best cure for your ailment could be!