Alpha Waves: Chill Out with Binaural Beats

Alpha Waves: Chill Out with Binaural Beats

A new App that we helped create: download Alpha Waves for free!

Alpha Waves are emitted on an amplitude range between 8 and 15 Hz: these kind of waves are associated with a state of deep relaxation and stress release. They are strictly connected with relaxed mental states, so increase in alpha wave activity is a desirable outcome for some types of biofeedback training and brainwave entrainment.

Alpha Waves is an app that allows you to recreate those soothing sounds, helping you relax in a more profound way. To help you relax even better, we added several in-App functions. You can choose to add 7 super relaxing chill-out songs and 5 sounds of nature to relax more and finally find a total relief from stress. The built-in timer allows you to set how much the app will play. You also can change the background color through your settings: choose among 5 relaxing Alpha Wave inspired tones. By purchasing the full version of the app, you can unlock and enjoy all of these functions and improve your experience.

We put a lot of thought and passion in creating Alpha Waves, and we hope that by using it many people will discover the power of brainwave entrainment and isochronic tones. Use it frequently to get the best from your relaxation sessions. We hope that it can become one of your favorite relaxation apps, and that you will thoroughly enjoy it!

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