Alternative Ways of Meditation You’ve Probably Never Heard Of

Alternative Ways of Meditation You’ve Probably Never Heard Of

Alternative Ways of Meditation You’ve Probably Never Heard Of

A daily meditation session has been proven to have legitimate health advantages; it can do way more good than some people think! Here are some alternative ways of meditation unbeknownst to many.

Are you ready to get Zen? You’ll enjoy many health benefits including reduced anxiety, stress prevention and less sensitivity to pain. If meditating the traditional way does not exactly fit your style, don’t worry. There are many fun and unexpected ways of meditation you can carry out. Read out the list below, and find what suits you best!


Start implementing mindful breathing in your life. You can practice it anywhere; having a quiet place would help, but you can also do it on the bus or even in a bar! You just need to take long, deep breaths in through your nose. Concentrate the air towards your belly and expand it. Be careful not to let your shoulders rise, and once you are filled up with positivity, breath out the negativity by releasing air through your mouth.

If it can be of help, try syncing your mindful breathing to this image:



Coloring books for adults are all in the rave right now! You can try buying one for yourself and try it out, or you can download this App to enjoy the peace of mandalas wherever you are:

Calming Music

Sitting out with silence in the background does not fit your style? Try listening to these soothing songs taken from our main YouTube channel. Brew a hot cup of tea, watch the leaves rustling outside, and let the peace permeate your being.


Thought you could only meditate while sitting down? Think again! Walking meditation, other than being relaxing, has the added advantage of improving your fitness levels and getting you in contact with nature.

You can read more about walking meditation by heading over to this article.

Writing a Journal

Practice gratitude by writing a journal each night. Think about the things for which you are grateful in life, and note them down. Fill your pages with words of positivity, and gain an optimistic view day after day. When you are feeling down, go back and read those entries, and try and visualize the moments of happiness and peace you were living while writing.

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