Aroma Therapy and Essential Oils: Perfect for Natural Stress Relief

Aroma Therapy and Essential Oils: Perfect for Natural Stress Relief

Humans have treated health problems with natural remedies for thousands of years. Aromatherapy and perfumes can influence your mood, find here how.

Did it ever happen to you? Have you ever felt the whiff of a perfume that swung you back in time, forcing you to remember a person, or a faraway place? It’s a beautiful experience, and it has happened to me countless times.

The sense of perfume is connected to your emotions as deeply as any other sense. When you hear a song, you dance by it. When you see an objects, you take in and enjoy its colors and shapes. And when you sense a perfume, you are influenced by it. You can use this natural response your body creates, and there is a method behind it called Aroma Therapy.

Aromatherapy is using plants and substances for natural stress relief and influencing your mood through them. It can be an alternative to prescription medicine when dealing with small health problems. The following are some of the most known plants and essential oils used in aroma therapy:


Ginger root is used to help with anxiety. You can enjoy its effects by brewing a cup of ginger tea (basically dropping some pieces of ginger root in hot water) and breathing in deeply.


Jojoba is mostly sold under essential oil form, and has a soothing effect on your body. You may want to spread a few drops of it on your body after a bath to enjoy its scent for all the day.


Chamomile has been used for a long time to calm down your mind and relax your body. Scientific studies have backed up its effectiveness; its a great natural stress relief for people that want to treat their anxiety without relying on prescription drugs.


Personally, lavender is one of my favorites. It helps your body unwind; you can add it to your aromatherapy bath under essential oil form when you have time to relax. Some people believe that it even helps in curing insomnia.

These were some of my favorite essential oils that can help you with relaxation. There are many more out there! Let me know if you have any perfume you prefer, or even one that every time you smell it it can make you remember someone, taking you back in time.