ASMR Explained: A Guide to Sound Triggers

ASMR Explained: A Guide to Sound Triggers

ASMR Explained: A Guide to Sound Triggers

Sleeplessness is an issue that affects hundreds of thousands of people every night. Are you one of them? Ever tried ASMR to try and solve your problem? First of all, what is ASMR? This article will briefly go over the basics of this techniques that countless people use regularly to fall asleep at night.

ASMR stands for autonomous sensory meridian response; it’s a term recently created in order to describe the tingling, pleasant sensation that some of us experience while listening to soft or rhythmic sounds.

The stimuli, or triggers, that can make you experience ASMR can be found in daily life or while listening to videos that have been appositely created for this purpose. The most popular of the latter include soft whispers, smacking lips or following mundane tasks carried out slowly. The trend has gained popularity on YouTube through the last couple of years, and channels dedicated to the creation of this kind of videos have blown up.

ASMR relaxation can be extremely effective, but the ability to experience its triggers is subjective. How about you? Do you want to try out the power of autonomous sensory meridian response? Here are some videos you can test while trying to sleep tonight. Play them in the background, and experience some of the best ASMR sounds found online.

Soft, spoken and whispered meditation:

All kinds of tapping:

See if you like this one more!

I hope you found this brief introduction to the world of ASMR useful. Have a look on Youtube for finding different kinds of ASMR videos with new sounds for triggers, and let us know what’s your favourite. Follow the blog for more healthy living tips, and remember to keep up that positive thinking attitude!

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