Astral Projection Guide: Easy Techniques for Beginners

Astral Projection Guide: Easy Techniques for Beginners

An outer body experience can change your life. This astral projection guide will teach you how to astral project your astral body.

Being able to project your astral body is not an easy task. You need to reach the correct state of mind through meditation and complete mental and physical relaxation: some people have tried for years and have never succeeded. An outer body experience can be a life changing event, and people who have had one will agree on how it feels amazing and how they feel as though they had reached a greater understanding of themselves.

The following are simple astral projection techniques for beginners. Try and use the, and see if you can reach a true outer body experience with this small astral projection guide

Point Shift Method

This is one of the most difficult types of astral projection meditation. To start, you must become fully aware of your body and its surrounding. With your imagination, you must map out where all your objects are standing in the room around you; once you achieve this, you can start to float with your mind. The idea is that you have to imagine yourself floating in the room with your astral body, rising from your physical body.

Once you have completed this passage, you can travel as far as your mind desires, without being relegated in a single room.

Rope and Ladder Outer Body Experience

These are simple methods that can be used by beginners. They rely more on tactile experience rather than visual memory.
Close your eyes. Imagine a rope or a ladder above you. Start climbing them, or rather imagine your astral self climbing through space with them. Concentrate on the sensation of the rope on your hand, and try feeling how grabbing onto it would feel.

Many people have achieved an outer body experience through this method, even though they had never done so before.

Picture Technique and Virtual Reality

This is a unique method. If you are a person with vivid fantasy, you might enjoy trying to do it.
Imagine a fantasy world. Try making it as alive as possible, as colorful as you can, and full of details. Imagine yourself in that world, and make yourself alive within it. Move around in it; you can start your world from just a photograph or a painting, and even choose to live again past events through astral projection.

We hope you enjoyed our astral projection guide and that you understood how to astral project through it. May you reach a relaxed state of mind through your astral projection meditation. Enjoy some music while trying to do so!

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