Baby Sleeping Music Songs and Lullabies APP by Equilibrium Srl

Baby Sleeping Music Songs and Lullabies APP by Equilibrium Srl

Do you have trouble making your baby fall asleep at night?

Fear not, as from now on you will be able to rely on the help of “Baby Sleeping Music”, a simple but useful app that was created to help your baby fall asleep with the use of relaxing sounds.

Just start up the app and touch one of the objects that the room contains. A soothing, unique song will start and continue playing until you stop it. Let your baby fall asleep with the sweet sound of a music box melody, some calm piano music or a famous traditional lullaby. All of these are free for you, as we chose to make the basic version of Baby Sleeping Music available for everyone to download.

baby sleeping musicbaby sleeping music

In app purchases allow you to unlock the potential of Baby Sleeping Music to its fullest. They include:

– The possibility of listening to relaxing white noises on top of the music or by themselves. These sounds include Hair Dryer Noise, Drying Machine Noise, Fan Noise, Pouring Rain Sound, Nature Wood Sounds, Rain Sounds and Vacuum Cleaner Noise.

– A Sleep Timer feature, which allows you to control how long each song will play.

– All in-app purchases will also remove ads.

So what are you waiting? Click on the link below to download this new amazing app for your baby. Perfect also for adult to help them relax and sleep.