Baby White Noise to Get your Baby Sleep

Baby White Noise to Get your Baby Sleep

First of all, what is white noise and why do we talk about white noise for babies? What is baby white noise. Let’s find out how to get your baby sleep!

Sleep difficulty is a common problem in babies as they come from a loud womb this is why they are used to loud noises. Loud noise is normal to babies as compared to the outside quiet world. As a mother if you know about your baby like what they are used to and what they like then it is possible that you will understand about the best solution for your baby’s sleep. You may have tried baby sound machine to calm him/her down. However, with this you will not get the best result.

White Noise

White noise is a sound that contains frequency within the range of human hearing. White noise is a common sound made by humming of a fan; car’s noises on the road, etc are all forms of white noise. Experts believe that white noise decreases the baby’s crying and can recreate the effect of noise that the baby used to. The whooshing sound of the womb is similar to white noise. In a nut shell, white noise is the sound frequencies that can be heard at once it is almost like a crowded room of people.

Why Should You Use White Noise?

All babies love white noise, it is the easiest and effective, inexpensive sleeping aid for babies. Baby white noise helps in sleeping not only children but adults too. Babies get stressed and they become over-tired by the surroundings which stimulate a baby. The excitements and happy faces around the baby makes him/her excited and white noise blocks this stimulation for a moment so that the baby could get some sleep. Babies stay asleep longer as they have slept arousal in about every 20 to 45 minutes. White noise thus directs this arousal to get longer sleep. It also blocks the noises such as door bells, trucks, etc that interferes with baby’s sleep.

White Noise: Safe or Unsafe?

Background noise is very helpful for infants to achieve their sleep. White noise is something that also calms your baby as it is similar to the sound they hear in the womb. One can use a noise machine if baby awakes or disturbed easily by some noise or if you share the same room with the baby. A well rested mother and child will be happier than a sleepless night.

There is a measure in which you have to set your machine. As sound is measured in decibel, so the sound loudness will be determined by your hearing capacity. Many Pediatricians suggest keeping the white noise below or at 85 decibel (dB). In this case you have to buy a device that measure decibel, compare the white noise with the noises that you are used to hear.

Some Kind of White Noise that Works Best

Sound machine is the most preferable that has maximum 60 dB and it is safe for hearing. Second is a Box fans which is a cheapest option and they are loud too. Others are overhead fans, static radio, CDs and humidifier. → visit our store on iTunes and get your copy of “White Noise Nature Sounds Baby Sleep

You can also find good options on YouTube, here’s an example

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