Beat the Heat Naturally: The Best Ways to Beat the Heat this Summer!

Beat the Heat Naturally: The Best Ways to Beat the Heat this Summer!

Beat the Heat Naturally: The Best Ways to Beat the Heat this Summer!

Being eco-friendly and keeping cool without AC is totally possible! This summer, try out these natural ways to beat the heat without damaging the environment (or your electricity bill).

Every nature loving yogi knows what staying outside in the summer heat actually means. We may enjoy the warm sunshine on our skin, but when it gets too harsh during the hottest months, we all need some ways to cool down. There are plenty of fun and simple ways to beat the heat and get off some steam: here are some of them!

Cooling Summer Tea

Stay hydrated! Beat the heat by brewing some cooling Chrysanthemum tea, and placing it in the fridge or enjoying it while still piping hot. Like sugary drinks? Add a healthy spoonful of honey, and lay off the carbonated drinks! While going through the day, drink at least a couple of liters of water.

ice tea

Peppermint Essential Oil

Peppermint and spearmint oils both have cooling properties thanks to the menthol contained in them. Use them with a home diffuser, or add a couple of drops to a skin moisturizer, and apply it to your arms and legs. Also, consider trying out Tiger Balm, a natural ointment made from herbs that leaves a fresh, tingling sensation on your skin!

beat the heat, legs massage


Dress Right

Use cool, breathable fabrics. Dress smart, dress light! Instead of using synthetic fibers, try with linen or cotton. Your skin will be able to perspire more naturally, and you will be able to keep cool in the heat.


Eat Cool, Stay Cool

Adapt your diet to the heat in order to fight it off. Consume cooling foods such as fresh veggies and summer fruits! Bitter and astringent foods are better than salty or spicy ones. Nothing beats a fresh salad when the heat rises.


Pulse Points

There are numerous pulse points around your body: these are places where your blood need to flows in order to reach your limbs. The easiest ones to reach are on your wrists and on the back of your neck. To cool off, just put a fresh towel on these sweet spots, or run some cool water over them! Your body will cool off in no time. Do not forget to relax, and you’ll immediately low your body temperature. Wear light clothes and lay down a little bit, play this soothing music with sounds of nature in the background and you’ll feel better!

This summer, don’t let the heat get the best of you! Try keeping cool without the AC by following these simple tips. I hope you enjoyed this article on the best ways to beat the heat. For more articles on a healthy way of life, check out the rest of the Meditation Relax Club blog!