Beauty Health Tips for Your Morning Routine

Beauty Health Tips for Your Morning Routine

I get it, you’re not exactly what they call a morning person. That does not mean that you can’t take proper care of yourself in the morning! Here are several simple steps that you HAVE to add to your beauty routine.

Waking up a little bit earlier may seem tough, but your skin will thank you for it! Just add these simple steps to your morning beauty routine:

Drink Water

As soon as you wake up, before going to the bathroom, chug down a tall glass of water! This will help you hydrate and gain back the liquids you lost during the night.


People who exercise in the morning sleep better at night – and of course they are generally healthier! Right after that glass of water head on out for a healthy morning run.

Citrus Fragrance

After your shower, choose a citrus body lotion to start your day with energy! Studies have shown that this scent helps boost immune function and reduce stress levels. Add some antioxidant serum with vitamins C and E to protect your skin even more.


Leave the carbohydrate rich and sugary fruits behind. True energy comes from protein! Try eating greek yoghurt with nuts and honey as part of your morning routine.

Green Tea

Time for a break. You’re working, maybe at the office, and its time for a boost. Avoid coffee, and go for a freshly brewed cup of green tea instead: packed full of flavonoids, it prevents cell damage and has been shown to prevent certain types of cancer.

Your beauty morning routine is over. Can’t wait to start again tomorrow, right?