Becoming a Morning Person: 7 Tips for Waking Up Early

Becoming a Morning Person: 7 Tips for Waking Up Early

Becoming a Morning Person: 7 Tips for Waking Up Early

Want to wake up earlier than usual, feeling energized enough to face the day? Here are 7 simple tips to help you become a morning person!

Waking up early has many advantages: you get more work done, and research shows that morning people generally tend to be happier. However, many find being an early bird a truly daunting task. It sounds simple, doesn’t it? As simple as stopping yourself from pressing the snooze button once the alarm clock goes off. But it can be much more complicated. So here are 7 tips you can use for waking up early:

Prepare the Night Before

Start by setting everything up the night before: don’t lie in front of the TV waiting for Mr. Sandman to come visit you. When the time comes, head to bed. Remember you should be sleeping 7 to 9 hours per night.

Wake Up to Natural Sunlight

If you know you’ll have to wake up around the same time as sunrise, why don’t you take advantage of that? If you don’t have other lights disturbing you, try leaving the curtains open the night before. You’ll wake up with the sun kissing you a good morning!

Work Out

Some people like this, others don’t. But you should certainly try it out! If you’re not a fan of running or doing push-ups, you should try out meditation or yoga instead. They can help clearing your mind and get the blood pumping.

Do Something Positive and Productive

Get out of bed with the right foot. Get a positive book, and read five minutes every time you wake up in the morning and you are feeling blue.

Reward Yourself

Nice work! You resisted hitting the snooze button! Time to reward yourself with something you love; becoming a morning person isn’t easy, and you gave it your best. Have another cup of tea before leaving, or read that exciting blog column you never had time to follow because you’re usually late.


A Morning Tune

Start the day with some happy tunes in the background. Here is a morning tune with sounds of nature taken from the Meditation Relax Club YouTube channel:

Have a Great Breakfast

You can’t have a lovely day without a lovely breakfast. Don’t miss out on important carbohydrates and proteins as soon as you get up! You’re gonna need them later.


I hope you will take advantage of these tips for waking up early. Enjoy the morning tunes, and don’t forget to check out the rest of the blog for more info on a healthy lifestyle!