Benefits of Laughter: Health Benefits of Laughter and Gamma Waves Have Been Proven

Benefits of Laughter: Health Benefits of Laughter and Gamma Waves Have Been Proven

Is laughing good for you? What are the health benefits of laughter? Find out how your gamma waves are influenced by laughter by readin on.

Laughing has been proven to help prevent memory loss due to old age, and humor activates every area in the brain stimulating you to remember things. All of this according toa couple of researches conducted at Loma Linda University, where researchers recently presented the data gathered through two curious experiments. These seem to prove the benefits of laughter on memory.

The first research was conducted on 20 elderly subjects. Some of them were shown a funny video for 20 minutes, while the others were not. The levels of cortisol were then tested on both groups. For those of you who do not know, cortisol is a hormone which influences stress.

The results were quite clear: the group that did not see the funny video had higher cortisol levels in their saliva, and thus were more stressed than the other group. Researchers concluded that there is an interesting relationship between humor and cortisol levels, which had an effect on wellbeing.

The second research showed that laughing promoted the creation of gamma waves in the brain. Gamma waves are the only ones that are constant in every area of the brain and that are exceptionally strong during meditation.

During funny videos, the subjects had an exceptionally active brain, improving connections between its different areas and excercising them.

In conclusion, we can affirm that in relation to these researches the benefits of laughter include a higher concentration, lower stress levels and less cortisol being produced. Gamma brain waves are activated through humor; the boost in endorphine levels that you experience contributes to a sense of well being and pleasure.

Laughing is good for you, so feel free to have a loud chuckle when you feel the need to do so!