Best Christmas Movies: Top Ten Movies of All Time

Best Christmas Movies: Top Ten Movies of All Time

Christmas season is the perfect occasion to spend time with your family watching a Christmas movie. Here’s my top ten of favourite Christmas movies to help you get you into the spirit of celebration, maybe we can call it… the Christmas list.

It’s A Wonderful Life: life is wonderful, what better time than Christmas to understand the meaning of our life with others and for others?

Elf: is it better to live in the land of Santa Claus or in New York? It depends on where your real family is.

The Nightmare Before Christmas: Halloween plus Christmas! Who could want more?

Home Alone: how to live without the family… Well, the protagonist of this movie knows it well, but how can be Christmas without the family or friends? Well it’s not possible, is it Kevin?

Miracle On 34th Street: Santa Claus exists, seeing is believing!

Trading Places: Can the good win over the evil? Everything is possible on Christmas.

A Christmas Carol: No matter how old you are, there is not a right age to believe in the magic of Christmas.

A Christmas Story: Many strange things can happen, even that Santa Claus brings you a gun as a gift.

The Polar Express: Do you believe in Santa? If you are not so sure, take the train to the North Pole and have a look!

How The Grinch Stole Christmas: Christmas can not be stolen, unless the grinch decides othewise.

Let me know what you think about these movies… I know the choice is really wide, maybe you’ve got another idea! While you’re choosing your movie, I let you with this traditional Christmas video music of Latin Christmas! Really awesome!