Best Tips to Sleep: Life Hacks to Use When You Have Trouble Sleeping at Night

Best Tips to Sleep: Life Hacks to Use When You Have Trouble Sleeping at Night

Bet you did not know these life hacks! If you are looking for effective ways to help you sleep and tips to sleep better, keep on reading this article.

Sleep With Your Feet Facing the Door

In order to sleep, you must lull yourself in a sense of security. Make your brain believe everything is ok and that nothing will menace you while you are defenseless. One of the best ways to do so is sleeping with your feet facing the door; this way, you will spot undesired guests quicker if they enter your room.

Turn Off Devices with a Blue Screen Light

Blue lights reduce the production of melatonin, which promotes sleep. Keeping your iPod, iPhone or computer on while trying to catch a good night’s sleep is only going to have the opposite effect. Switch them off and the temptation to check facebook and your messages will also disappear!

Eat Fruit Before Heading to Bed

Fruits such as bananas and apples contain carbohydrates which make you sleepy. They are a healthy and costless sleep food that you can munch on before heading to bed.

Wear Socks

Having warm feet influences the blood flow and helps you nod off. Wear hot and comfy socks during the cold nights for a good night’s sleep.

Fake Being Tired

Fake yawns and behave as if you were sleepy. Trick your body into believing it is actually tired; this is one of the best life hacks.

Music to Relax

Listen to music specifically designed to make you fall asleep. These usually include songs including narrow note sequences where the note tends to move from low to high. Here is an example:

We hope you enjoyed our tips to sleep and our creative ways to help you sleep. Listen to more music to relax on our youtube channel!

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