Best Ways to Burn Calories During the Summer Holidays

Best Ways to Burn Calories During the Summer Holidays

How to burn calories with simple and fun summer activities. The best way to burn calories is having fun!

Gaining a couple of pounds is normal during the summer holidays. You get a larger appetite than usual, and eat out most of the time. When on vacation, the best way to burn calories is having fun. Follow this list of summer activities to lay off the extra pounds before they even have time to appear!


Do not just lie sunbathing in the sun while at the beach; get up once in a while and have a nice swim. Not only will the water cool you down, but swimming is one of the easy ways to burn calories that slim down your whole body. You might now be aware of it, but while in the water your whole body is making small movements.

Swimming can burn up to 200 calories in just half an hour!


If you are home for a couple of days and have a garden, why don’t you try taking care of it more than usual? Getting up and down and carrying pots around will make you burn the extra booty fat.

Gardening for 30 minutes can burn up to 13 calories.


How to burn calories in a fun way? But with your friends of course! Playing badminton at the beach as an easy way to keep yourself fit while exercising your whole body.

By playing this sport for half an hour you will burn about 150 calories.

Playing Frisbee

Playing frisbee is one of the most inexpensive but fun summer activities. You burn fat from your arms while stretching to get the frisbee, and some from your legs while running around.
You can burn 100 calories while playing for 30 minutes!

Will you enjoy these easy ways to burn calories? Find out by carrying them out during your summer activities, and let us know if you have a secret to burn calories yourself!