Best Weight Loss Secrets from Around the World

Best Weight Loss Secrets from Around the World

Foreign cultures have much to teach us when it comes to foods. Here are some of the best weight loss secrets from all around the world.

We can all learn from approaching other cultures; they can open your mind to new experiences and new styles of life. They can also teach how to respect food and eat in more varied and healthy ways, other than help you losing weigh naturally. These are some of the best weight loss secrets that I found out from all around the world.

Thailand – Spicy Food

Thai food is known being one of the spiciest. How is that good for you? It helps you losing weight naturally in two ways: first, hot peppers raise your metabolism and help you lose weight naturally. Second, the spicy taste forces you slow down your eating, making you realize that you are full earlier.

Brazil – Rice & Beans

Rice and black beans are traditional ingredients in the Brazilian cuisine as well as foods that help you lose weight. They are low in fats and high in fibers which help you stabilize blood sugar levels.

Poland – Eat at Home

People who eat less at home and more outside tend to be heavier than people who stay at home and cook for themselves. In general, cultures that have lost their tradition for home cooking tend to see their obesity rates rise throughout the years. One of the best weight loss secrets from around the world comes from the Poles, who typically spend only 5% of their family budget eating out and prepare most of their food at home.

Netherlands – Bike Up!

In the Netherlands, there are more bikes than there are people. The average Dutch travels over 500 miles per year with their trusty two wheel, losing weight naturally as he pedals. So what are you waiting for? Try commuting with a bike: you can burn around 400 calories per hour!

France – Sit Down and Talk

A surprisingly high number of French families often dines together in comparison to the American ones. Its kind of a tradition before going out and doing anything else; and the meals are longer and filled with conversation, meaning that the fork is slowed down and you are given more time to realize you are full.

I hope you found this list of the best weight loss secrets from different cultures interesting. Trying them out could actually be fun, so why not?