Big Think: The View of Sam Harris on Mindful Meditation and Religion

Big Think: The View of Sam Harris on Mindful Meditation and Religion

The famous youtube channel Big Think has recently published a controversial but very interesting video portraying the view of Sam Harris, American author, philosopher and neuroscientist, on the relation between mindful meditation and religion.

Harris has recently published a book expressing his view on the matter, being an individual that in the last years has found a deep interest in the practice of meditation, which he approached in a Buddhist background. However, in his video he explains that there is no need for meditation to be culturally connected to a specific religion, as it is can be carried out without being related to one.

In favor of this argument, we must also say that when mindful meditation and mindfulness (healthy and useful practices) are related to religion, many people are put off by them. By deleting this correlation, more individual would approach them and benefit.

Here is the video of Sam Harris’ meditation views from the Big Think channel. It does a much better job explaining that I would ever do:

So, what do you think? Should mindfulness be a religious practice, or should it be stripped of this religious connotation thus appealing to a wider audience? Can the true power of mindfulness be achieved without relying on faith? Let me know your answer to these questions and your thoughts on Big Think’s new video in the comments below!

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