Binaural Beats: Take a Nap with the Most Relaxing Music Frequencies

Binaural Beats: Take a Nap with the Most Relaxing Music Frequencies

What are binaural beats? Binaural Beats are sound frequencies that cause specific physical stimuli. They can improve meditation, relaxation and your sleeping pattern depending on their tone.

Different frequencies are associated with several brain functions. For example, Alpha Waves promote relaxation while awake, while Gamma Waves stimulate a frenetic brain activity. If you are looking for binaural beats to take a nap, however, you should choose frequencies that range below 7 Hz.

These waves are also known as Theta or Delta Waves. They are associated with deep meditation and dreamless sleep. Some people find them useful, while others find them irritating to listen on their own. In these cases, you can try adding them to music frequencies to make them more appealing to the ear.
This is an example of Theta Waves and Delta Waves added to music. Try to take a nap while listening to the video below.

Binaural beats can make the most relaxing music, as they physically influence the movement of your brain waves. If you enjoyed listening to these free binaural beats you can check out this album with music frequencies that influence your sleep. Click on the link below to have a preview of the album.


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