Brain Music to Expand your Mind: Brain Training with Brainwave Entertainment

Brain Music to Expand your Mind: Brain Training with Brainwave Entertainment

Training your brain is easy when you use the right mind exercises. Brainwave entertainment can expand your mind, and the same can be done with brain music.

But first of all, what is brainwave entertainment? Brainwave entertainment is the act of influencing your brain through special frequencies through continuos stimulation in order to achieve several different effects. These can vary from sleep induction to a heightened brain state.

You can compare this kind of brain training to simple and continuos mind exercises. Your brain is constantly stimulated and pressed by external stimuli. You can train your brain to expand your mind, your memory or to feel happier. Popular and frequently used examples of sound waves for brainwave entertainment include Theta Waves (used to heighten concentration and to study better) and Delta Waves (useful for relaxation and as sleep music). The video below contains two long tracks of the above mentioned wave frequencies. Try them out and see if they work!

These waves can be disturbing to some of us. We can get tired of listening to the same sound again and again, no matter how beneficial we know it could be to us. There is another less fastidious way to listen to these waves in order to expand your mind. The trick is to include them in music tracks, and listen to the music without realizing you are constantly exposed to these special frequencies.

Various examples to Binaural Beats and Delta Waves can be found in this album (link).

deep sleep music

We hope to have cleared your question on what is brainwave entertainment and that you have found new interesting ways to train your brain through these mind exercises. Let us know if they truly work for you!

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