Breathing & Yoga

Breathing & Yoga

Breathing is closely associated with Yoga

It was considered really important since the origins of meditative trainings, even considering a simple fact: a human body can resist for several days without food, for a few days without water, but only for a few minutes without breathing. Breathing exercise is also very important for people who practice meditation, in fact when you calm your breath you can also calm your mind (and vice versa), so that some forms of meditation start right from the observation (and in some cases the control) of the breath.

Unfortunately, modern man forgets how to breathe properly, probably because of the pollution of the air: the modern man in fact, fills the lungs only in small part, creating several problems. One of the aims of yoga is to bring the well-oxygenated blood to the brain, so it is not difficult to understand why the respiration does have a great importance.
A correct breathing can provide the body with the right amount of oxygen that goes into the cells. This process promotes cellular renewal that improves health.

In Yoga breathing exercises, you try to completely fill your lungs with air, starting from the lower abdomen to reach the upper part of the chest. Of course all the action is really slowly and have to be done in the most natural way, trying to follow the natural flow of the breath. Yoga breathing techniques are numerous and serve to accustom our body to perform unknowingly breaths in the most correct way.

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