Can Meditation and Spiritual Practices Stop the Aging Process?

Can Meditation and Spiritual Practices Stop the Aging Process?

Can different types of meditation and spiritual practices actually slow the aging process? Find out how spirituality affects us physically by reading this article.

How does the aging process work? A being starts aging when our cells divide but cannot copy efficiently the DNA as they once did. As we get older, the capability of copying the information in our chromosomes gets less effective; the DNA copied wears down with each division. When we get too old, our cells simply lose their ability to divide: this is also the reason why when an elderly person breaks a bone, it will take longer to heal than a child’s one would.

In recent years, a link was made between stress and our aging process. The idea that the effects of stress are evident on our body is not that young, though. Since the 1930s experiments were conducted on lab rats that were subjected to long term stress, and became chronically ill due to it. This sustained the thesis that organisms are affected by tolling experiences and their body also reacts to them by aging. The study was revived in 2000, and it helped connect stress to the aging process once again.

Can we stop aging knowing this? For now, technology does not allow it, but we can try and slow it down. There are many things that reduce stress; one of them is meditation.

Spiritual practices of self acceptance and different types of meditation are well known for reducing stress. Mindful meditation in particular is known to be effective in diminishing the effects of depression. By meditating each day, you can become more confident in yourself and also reduce the effects of stress.

If you needed one more reason to start meditating regularly every day, there you have it! Here is some music from our main youtube channel that can be used to meditate.



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