Celebrity Yoga: 6 Celebrities You Would Never Have Expected To Practice Yoga

Celebrity Yoga: 6 Celebrities You Would Never Have Expected To Practice Yoga

Celebrity Yoga: 6 Celebrities You Would Never Have Expected To Practice Yoga

After finding out about celebrities who meditate a couple of weeks ago, lets get into celebrity yoga! These six international stars that have the same interests as you do, and they absolutely love their yoga.

Robert Downey, Jr

Iron Man? Not as unbending as one would make him to be! Robert Downey Jr was featured on a cover of Men’s Fitness Magazine in 2012, showing his prowess and flexibility by adopting a difficult yoga pose. Apparently this celebrity got closer to meditation and yoga after kicking his drug addiction in 2001. Nice going Iron Man!



Adam Levine

Another famous yogi is most certainly Adam Levine. It is said that he can’t miss the sanctity of his routine, and even when traveling and performing with Maroon 5 he has his own room in which to practice yoga. Is his awesome body not proof enough about how yoga is amazing for you?


Miley Cyrus

It’s no secret that young Miley has a thing for Ashtanga Yoga. More than once she has shown off her incredible flexibility during talk shows or on Instagram pictures. We could say she’s part of the famous meditators group, as she stated that doing yoga is not only a need to her body, but to her mind as well.


Madonna loves yoga! She loves it so much that she often inserts complex poses taken from her routines within her live performances and choreographies. By witnessing how active and flexible she is, one would say that practicing yoga has had an amazing effect on her body!


Jennifer Lopez

This star owes her amazing physique to many hard yoga lessons. She has even shown her amazing stretching abilities while acting in the moving Gigli in a sexy scene that sends Ben Affleck out off his head. Moreover, she can truly rock those yoga pants.

Kaley Cuoco

The famous Big Bang Theory actress has recently confessed that she uses her yoga classes to let loose. She cries out and releases her stress during exercise, especially after the divorce from her husband Ryan Sweeting. Apparently she loves it, and the best part is that she sweats so much that no one can tell!


Let us know who’s your favorite celebrity yogi! Write in the comments below if you follow other famous people that practice yoga on a regular basis, and don’t forget to check out the rest of our blog for many more healthy living tips. Keep on staying positive!

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