Chakra Meditation Balancing: The Best Meditation Music App

Chakra Meditation Balancing: The Best Meditation Music App

Chakra Meditation Balancing: The Best Meditation Music App

Behind the blissful marketing mantras, there are now more than 2,000 meditation apps in a fierce competition for your time and attention. As you probably know, several apps offer plenty of extras to keep you hooked. Body scans, bedtime stories read by Matthew McConaughey, drop-down menus filled with every conceivable option. Some of these features are great, but after a while, they feel burdensome. You shouldn’t need a how-to video if you feel like tapping your way to Zen.
Sometimes, less is more. More functionalities, more amenities, more decorations are distracting and overwhelming. After all, the “always more” approach is the opposite of Zen philosophy. And, let’s face it, some of these stress relievers are pretty pricey.

Starting – or continuing – your path to mindfulness should be easier. That’s why our team designed a great meditation app with the KISS principle firmly in mind. Unlike its peers, Chakra Meditation Balancing wants you to just feel better. You won’t need to go through any screen asking for personal info or for your credit card number. 7 buttons are all you’ll find and need.

The colorful buttons are designed to help you find relevant mindfulness and meditation music depending on your needs.
Feeling cynical lately? Sometimes, what starts as a small irritation soon grows into a hostile attitude towards almost everything. Do you ever wonder how you let that feeling of cynicism take over? An underactive crown chakra may be the answer. Open Chakra Meditation Balancing and tap the violet button at the top. Focus on your head and let the energy flow. It’s free, so try it yourself. Our exclusive music, coupled with mindful meditation, can lead you to a better understanding of others and their motives.

Suffering from eating disorders? A closed root chakra may be the culprit. Do you feel like you lack a clear direction in your life? The fault may lie in a closed solar plexus chakra. You can balance them through meditation and healing music. Tap the settings button in Chakra Meditation Balancing to get a detailed information page on each of the chakras, including their location and what happens if they’re unbalanced.

There are a few PRO features. We love quickie meditation sessions and a timer might be the best fit for the busiest of our users. You can also download a wide-ranging selection of relaxing music. You don’t need to sit still for half an hour – but if you want to, we’ve got you covered with hours of great nature sounds for meditation.

New exclusive music and meditation reminders are coming as well. And we are committed to keeping the app up-to-date and free. Trust me, by the time you get to your second chakra playlist, you’ll find the idea of listening to McConaughey’s voice instead silly.

Chakra Meditation Balancing is available for free on the App Store.