Cleanse Your Body with this Healthy Liver Diet

Cleanse Your Body with this Healthy Liver Diet

Summer is over, and you probably believe that you have received nothing but benefits from your vacation. However, a lifestyle you are not used to might have caused more damage than good.

You just got back from a relaxing and regenerating holiday, but as soon as you undertake a couple of hours of stress you feel cranky and tiered. Have you ever followed this pattern? A sudden change of diet might be the cause of it. When you travel, you tend to eat less healthily than you usually would. To get back on track and loose of the feeling of uneasiness that creeps as soon as you head home, try following this healthy liver diet to cleanse your body.


The one thing you can’t get enough of is water. Remember to drink a lot of it in order to have a clean liver, and it helps you rehydrating if you happen to have lost a lot of liquids while sunbathing. Choose waters that have a high quantity of magnesium and calcium.


A traditional ayurvedic medicine remedy: every morning, drink the juice of a lemon diluted in a cup of hot water. Lay on your right side for 20 minutes to cleanse your liver.

Onion and Garlic

These ingredients and packed full with glucosinolates. These are a substance that help detoxing your body, and make for a food for healthy liver.


Consuming foods derived from soy help keeping the triglycerides levels under control. Furthermore, a study from the University of Illinois has proven that soy is helpful in a healthy liver diet as it removes fat from it.


One of the richest fruits in vitamin C, plum is, along with blueberries, raspberries and grapes, packed full of antioxidants. Use all of these as a healthy treat to cleanse your body.

We hope you find this healthy liver diet useful. Good luck with getting back from your holidays and with starting your work routine!