Cleansing The Soul For Spiritual Healing In 5 Easy Steps

Cleansing The Soul For Spiritual Healing In 5 Easy Steps

Cleansing The Soul For Spiritual Healing In 5 Easy Steps

We hear so much about detoxing our bodies for our health, eating leaner and cleaner foods to flush out our insides and rid ourselves of toxins. Less frequently do we try and rid ourselves of the mental toxins that build up within us, even though these can be the most debilitating to our health and can result in serious physical illness. Here are 5 ways you can embark on a spiritual cleanse to rid you of bad energy and restore your mental well being.

1. Start A Journal

It is easy to dwell on the negative things in life and become bogged down by all of the things we have to do. As our to do lists get longer and our lives become more complicated everything can become too much and our minds are constantly filled with noise. Spiritual cleansing starts with removing all of this noise from our heads so that we can embrace peace and quiet. In order to do this try starting a journal and write down every overwhelming thought that enters your mind and describe situations that you are frequently thinking about. Once it is down on paper, train yourself to shut out those thoughts telling yourself you will deal with it at a later stage.

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2. Take A Retreat

Take yourself on a health retreat, preferably alone, for some one on one soul cleansing at a peaceful location. Choose the retreat based on personal preference and wherever you will feel most at peace, perhaps a spa or a yoga retreat centre. Spend time away from your friends, family and work life and focus on re-centering yourself. Be alone with your thoughts, take long walks and most importantly relax.

3. Give Technology A Break

Cut yourself off from technology and take a spiritual fasting from your online presence such as emails and social media. Constant bombardment of people’s opinions and lives online is not healthy, step away from it every so often and put a certain amount of time aside each day where you have no contact with your phone, television or laptop. Do something that is purposefully non technological such as reading a book, phoning a friend or taking a bath.

4. Let Go Of Negative Thoughts

A spiritual cleanse can only be a success if you agree to start afresh with yourself. This means erasing the negativity in our life – the negative thoughts, people or situations that you might find yourself in. Let go of the things that happened in your past that you can’t change, they will only weigh you down and prevent you from moving forward. Make a clean break and vow to think positively about the future.

5. Create A Space For Spiritual Healing

Cleansing the soul is best achieved in a suitable setting so find a nice place and make it as peaceful and comfortable as you can. Surround yourself by candles, crystals and essential oils – everything you can think of to cleanse your aura and attract positive energy. Listen to healing music and shut your eyes, breathe deeply and quiet the mind. Try taking a sea salt bath as these are thought to cleanse and restore balance to the body.

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Those are our tips for embarking on a spiritual cleanse, soul cleansing is a great way to reset your clock so hopefully you will find a way that works for you!

‘If it doesn’t nourish your soul, get rid of it.’