Coffee Addiction and Coffee Pros and Cons: Is Coffee Good for You?

Coffee Addiction and Coffee Pros and Cons: Is Coffee Good for You?

Is coffee good for you and what are the pros and cons of coffee? What are the risks of having a severe coffee addiction? Read on and find out.

Many people across the world cannot start their day without a hot cup of coffee in order to wake up. But is coffee good for you? What are the effects of caffeine and how do you recognize the pros and cons of coffee? You probably know that every food is bad for you if you do not consume it in moderation. The list of the effects of coffee on your body is as follows:

The Pros

The angelic side of coffee, the one everyone wants to know about? Well, first of all it contains antioxidants, vitamins, minerals and some dietary proteins. It boosts your morale and gives you a burst on energy.

From a medical point of view when it is consumed in reasonable quantities it reduces the risk of Alzheimer’s, type 2 diabetes, heart rhythm problems, strokes, asthma attacks and cirrhosis of the liver. Recent studies have proved that heavy coffee drinkers have 20% less possibility of contracting breast cancer and males that drank more than 6 cups a day were less likely to develop the most lethal form of prostate cancer.

Did you know? Used coffee grounds can benefit many plants as they contain nitrogen. Spread them in your garden instead of just throwing them away.

The Cons

Its not just sunshine and roses. Coffee has a dark side (pun intended). Coffee addiction is no laughing matter, as it can lead you to changes in your normal sleeping pattern, it can cause hallucinations, raise your blood pressure and stain your teeth.

Moreover, coffee is one of the world’s most heavily pesticide sprayed crops. When you drink it, take into consideration that you might be taking some unwanted chemicals into your body.

We hope you satisfied you queries and found out whether coffee is good for you or not. The effects of coffee are many, but not all are positive. Drink in moderation and take out the best of that coffee addiction!

While you sip your cup in the morning you might enjoy some chill lounge music such as this.