Common Addictions: Bad Habits Everyone Has and Does Not Realize

Common Addictions: Bad Habits Everyone Has and Does Not Realize

Drugs, alcohol or smoke? Nope, the worst addictions out there are the common addictions, the ones that do not even suspect you have…

“If I had to survive a day without my cell phone I would go crazy!”. Do you believe this statement could easily be spoken by your lips? Well then, you are probably affected by a severe internet addiction. The bad news is that you are dependent on your phone, and would be pretty stressed if it were taken away from you for just a couple of hours. The good news is that you are not the only person that suffers of this condition.

This is one of several common addictions, bad habits that a high percentage of the population has developed in recent years. According to Martin O’Leary, blogger from HuffPost Inspiration, our lifestyle has become more and more detached as technology has developed, and taking a pause sometimes to cool off would not be a bad idea. A recent survey has revealed that Facebook and Twitter addictions affect about a quarter of members of a modern society.

But what are the numbers? Here are the results of the survey, which reveal how surprisingly high the percentage of technology related addictions in the population has become:

Facebook, Twitter and Internet addiction – 24%

Cannot Stop Swearing – 18%

Caffeine Addiction – 15%

Smoking – 11%

Reality TV Shows – 9%

Biting Nails – 8%

Chocolate – 7%

Nose Picking – 4%

Speaking While Eating – 3%

Knuckles Popping – 1%

As you can see, the technologically related addictions are more than 30%, a third of the population that has developed an attachment to bad habits that once did not exist. Are you part of this group? Let us know below in the comments!


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