Dealing with A Fear Of Flying & Travel Anxiety Tips

Dealing with A Fear Of Flying & Travel Anxiety Tips

Dealing with A Fear Of Flying & Travel Anxiety Tips

Travelling is such an exciting thing to do, to see new places, explore the world and venture off into different countries and cultures is both a pleasure and a privilege for those that get to do it. However, for many people the mere thought of jetting off somewhere is fraught with worry and stress. Travel anxiety is an all too common problem and a lot of it centres around the flight itself and fear of flying.

The thoughts of a long haul or short haul flight is enough to induce a bout of sweat in those that suffer from travel anxiety, and putting off trips or avoiding travel altogether becomes the only reasonable solution for some. Missing out on the adventure of a lifetime isn’t worth it for something that is all in your mind, so here’s some travel anxiety tips you can try if you want to start dealing with your anxiety issues.

Start Small – Book a weekend trip away for somewhere that involves a one hour flight. Going around the world starts with a small step in the right direction, and if you are able to conquer a short flight and trip away you will gain confidence in yourself and your ability to travel.

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Trick Your Mind – Tell yourself you LOVE flying over and over in your brain. Every time you start to become anxious and negative thoughts enter your brain, ignore and block them and replace them with positive thoughts about what you’re doing. If you do this for long enough and commit yourself to it, you will start to believe it.

Avoid Anxious People – Travelling with anxiety and dealing with anxiety is difficult enough without being around someone else who suffers from a similar condition. If you want to do your best to travel in comfort and at ease, pick a travel buddy who is confident and relaxed with flying and travelling. Their nonchalant ways will hopefully rub off on you.

Control Your Breathing – If you are feeling anxious or can feel an attack coming on, try to control your breathing to calm you down and give you something to focus on. For a simple breathing technique try breathing in for 5 seconds and breathe out for seven. Repeat until you feel better.

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Distract Yourself – It is sometimes difficult to concentrate on a book or movie when you are panicking and in a constant frenzied state, but if you are going to commit yourself to a flight you may as well try and entertain yourself. Mindfulness colouring books are useful in this instance as they will keep your attention on what you are doing and away from your thoughts. Listening to music is also a good option, particularly relaxing music that will help you to feel calm and at peace.

Sleep – Dealing with anxiety and a fear of flying is much easier when you’re asleep! If you have a late night flight and you manage to fall asleep the journey will pass far less painfully and much quicker. You can resort to sleeping pills if you have severe travel anxiety but don’t just pop pills for the sake of it, they are highly addictive and it is much better to deal with things naturally.

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Those are some of our travel anxiety tips, please share any of your own tips with us and let us know how you overcome your fear of flying.

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