Dealing with Anger? Reduce your Anger Problems practicing these 3 Relaxation Techniques!

Dealing with Anger? Reduce your Anger Problems practicing these 3 Relaxation Techniques!

Easy anger management strategies are often underestimated to control anger problems, but at the same time they are the most effective, especially in times like these, where stress and worries are taking the most space in our minds.

Do you remember that inner fire you experience while you are angry with someone or for something that happened to you?

Some people may say anger is a healthy feeling, because it stimutes your mind, but like almost everything, when anger is too much, it becomes dangerous for your mental, but also physical health. That’s why I’d like to suggest you some anger management techniques to try to prevent serious tantrums and learn to let go.

Sweet or Spicy?

You know that food is a great mood booster: when we eat something we like we feel happy, when we have a disgusting dinner at the restaurant we may feel sad, sorry or angry.

If you constantly feel this way, remember there are some food that affects mood more than any others. If anger is common to you, then try to “say no” to hot and spicy food, same thing with salty or fermented food, alcohol and caffeine with influence your spirit and low your defences.

“Say yes” to sweet, proteic food, cool drinks and herbal teas. Besides there are some foods that lead you to peace of mind like cucumbers and watermelons, but also a good cup of icecream is perfect for feeling better.

Essential oils

Particular perfumes can stimulate your brain in the right or the wrong way, so it’s vital to choose the correct one. To lower your anger levels place a drop of sandalwood oil between your eyebrows, on the throat, breastbone, navel, temples, and wrists to balance feelings and emotions.

Lavander, rose and jasmine oils are good for a little scalp massage before going to sleep and it’s also a healthy way to reduce stress.

Time for yourself

Moderation is the keyword: practice it in all of your activities, if you are easily mad at the world. Give time to yourself to do the things you like the most, take long walks in nature, practice meditation or hatha yoga to learn how to control your body, but first of all, learn to smile!