Decorate Your Own Zen Home!

Decorate Your Own Zen Home!

Feeling at ease in your living space can be a difficult thing to achieve during these stressful times. Try adding a zen touch by decorating your home according to zen principles!

What is zen? In Japanese, this word refers to meditation and reflects harmony, relaxation and balance. Zen principles are very easy to apply to interior design, which is a reason why they have increased in popularity. They can let you express your creativity while staying minimalist, allowing you to unclutter and create an atmosphere that promotes calmness and reduces stress. Here are some of the best tips to create a perfect Zen home!

Use Earthy Colors

While decorating your home, choose soft tones and earthy colors. Use white, shades of grey, brown and beige. The visual continuity in very important; all spaces should seem open, and as though they were connected to each other. Try choosing a dominant color and sticking to it through a whole room.

Keep it Simple

Simple and natural, that’s the way to go if you want a Zen home. The furniture should have clear lines, and avoid being too complex. It should be made from natural material such as wood or cotton as this gives off a vibe of naturalness and warmth.

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Keep it simple, but also keep it clean. All objects should have their own spot, and should return to it when you are done using them. Remove all the clutter when you leave the room; this will give you a sense of cleanness and of harmony.

Remove Electronics

Try hiding all electronics, or even removing them if possible. If you can’t avoid keeping the TV in your bedroom, place it in the furthest corner or within a cabinet away from visible eye.

Rely on Natural Lighting

Play with soft natural lighting by getting rid of harsh fluorescent lights. Try diffusing the light created by lamps, and make it uniform.

Natural Scents

Light a candle or two, or play with essential oils. Find the perfume that suits your zen home the most. Remember that among all natural scents, lavender is the most know for its relaxing properties.

Green Plants

Bring nature back to your home; add a couple of green plants to a well lit corner. Avoid colored flowers that need special maintenance and that can emanate strong smells.

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Relaxing Music

Finally, add a touch of relaxing Zen music. Here is a special selection right from our youtube channel.


I hope you found these tips to create the perfect zen home useful. Try them out and send pictures of the results, so that we can publish them on my facebook page!