Deep Breathing Exercises: Stress Relief Techniques to Lower Blood Pressure

Deep Breathing Exercises: Stress Relief Techniques to Lower Blood Pressure

Change how you breathe, and you will change your life. Follow this list of deep breathing exercises and stress relief techniques to lower your blood pressure.

We breathe to live, thus breathing is life. The most precious requirement for our existence is air. When we are exhausted, we crave it, breathing in more deeply than usual. Deep breaths can bring peace to your body and mind, lulling it in a relaxed state. These special deep breathing exercises were created to reduce anxiety and lower blood pressure:

Sama Vritti or “Equal Breathing”

Start by inhaling for four seconds, then exhale for another four. Do this using only your nose. This exercise is as simple as counting sheep and has its same effect. You can do it almost everywhere, as it does not require much.

Abdominal Breathing Technique

Place one hand on your chest, and the other one on your belly. Take breaths through your nose, and ensure that you are using the diaphragm (and not the chest) to create a stretch in the lungs. Do this deep breathing exercise at least 10 minutes per day; inhale and exhale from 6 to 10 breaths every time.

Alternate Nostril Breathing

This exercise is said to help with brain stimulation. To do it, sit down in a meditative pose and place your right thumb above the right nostril. Deeply inhale, then move over to the remaining nostril and do the same. You can practice this exercise during meditation; it will help with calming you down.


One of the most advanced deep breathing exercises we will talk about today. Also known as Skull Shining Breath, this technique is said to lower blood pressure. Start by taking a long deep breath in, then exhale quickly by using your abdominals.
This exercise is quite intensive, but it will warm up your body and wake up your brain!

Progressive and Slow Relaxation

This exercise involves all of the muscles in your body- start by closing your eyes, and focus on tensing and relaxing each muscle group for 3 seconds each. Start from your feet, and move up throughout your body reaching your head. Every time you move, inhale and exhale.

I hope you will benefit from these natural remedies from anxiety and stress relief techniques. Read more articles from my blog to discover other interesting exercises you can use for brain stimulation!

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