Diet Myths: Interesting Food Facts And Diet Tips That Were Actually Fake

Diet Myths: Interesting Food Facts And Diet Tips That Were Actually Fake

Summer is creeping along, and everyone is starting their diet plans (or at least thinking about starting them). Articles on diet tips flourish on the internet, and everyone is getting informed on the latest fad to get as thin as possible with the least effort and in the least time as possible.

What are good foods and bad foods? What are the most healthy foods to eat? Diet myths are born each day, and in this article we will bust some of the most famous ones.

Busted Diet Myth #1 – You Should Never Eat After 7 p.m.

There is no set time during the day when you should stop eating. People live different lives and go to bed at different times. Many populations eat later in the evening than Americans, and weight much less than them.

This myth was probably born as many people tend to over-snack while watching TV late at night and skip their breakfast. You can have dinner even later in the night, but you should avoid grabbing a snack.

Busted Diet Myth #2 – Are Carbs Good For You

Some people avoid carbs at all costs, saying that they are the main reason for your body fat. That is not true; on the other hand, they are not functioning at their best if they do not eat them. They are our main fuel, and just our brain uses about 130 grams of carbohydrates per day.

Busted Diet Myth #3 – Paleo Is The Ideal Diet

For those that did not know, Paleo Diet allows you to eat only food that can be hunted or gathered. Our ancestors followed this diet, and thus it is the perfect diet also for us. BUSTED!

The Paleo Diet can cause several deficiencies by eliminating essential nutrients which help you avoid diseases, and you should not be following one.

Busted Diet Myth #4 – You Can Have A Specific Diet For Your Blood Type

There are many myths regarding blood types; some say that they influence your personality, and that they influence your daily life. Up to this day, none of these statements have been proven by scientific evidence, including the fact that you can have a specific diet for your blood type.

We hope you enjoyed these interesting food facts and diet tips. Remember to avoid bad foods and choose healthy foods to eat.