DIY Spa: 5 Tips for a Spa Day at Home

DIY Spa: 5 Tips for a Spa Day at Home

Looking to spend a Spa day at home? Check out these few tips on DIY Spa techniques and beauty treatments! All you need is some healing music and relaxation.

Do you know what I like? Getting some precious free time during the weekend and using it to pamper myself and my body. The best way to do that is turning your home in a small resort (you could almost call it a DIY Spa) and get myself the best homemade beauty treatments I have learned through the years. Wish you could do it as well? Just follow these simple steps:

Get well prepared

Before you start you have to prepare for the magic. If I am planning to have a Spa day at home I usually start preparing at least three days before it: I clean up the bath and buy what I will need before the weekend starts. The basic list includes candles, oils and incense sticks, but you can add what you need to it.

Set up the Atmosphere

So you have everything you need for you Spa day at home. Now you just have to put everything together. Position your candles next to your bath and lighten the atmosphere with some plants to give it that typical Spa look. Remember to set up the right music: we suggest this free relaxation music from our youtube channel.

Home Made Recipes

There is no need to buy your Spa products. Just make them yourself! The process for some is much easier than what you would believe: body scrubs can be made with a base of salt or sugar and can have the scent you choose. Just add some lavender extract and its scent will make you believe you are in a real Spa.

Go organic on your beauty treatments!

The Right Taste

Time for a quick snack before you hop back in you daydream? Remember to choose the right food in order not to break the magic. I would suggest a fresh fruit salad and a rich chocolate treat as a dessert. This can be easily prepared the day before; that way you will not interrupt your relaxing Spa day at home by popping into the kitchen to cook!

Involve your Loved Ones

Last but not least, remember to involve your partner. There are few things in life more erotic and relaxing than a couples massage. It will also be a beautiful experience for your male lover if he has never had a Spa day at home before.

We hope you enjoyed our tips and free relaxation music. Get creative and experiment with your DIY Spa ideas!

  1. RLion

    Thank you Amy! Home recipes for skin and beauty are excellent, especially if you use all natural products. The best example? The body scrub prepared with salt and olive oil, or sugar and coconut! They’re perfect!

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