DIY Spa Day at Home: 5 Simple Recipes

DIY Spa Day at Home: 5 Simple Recipes

Give yourself an amazing spa day at home. Here is a list of extremely simple tricks you can use to make it even more special!

Summer vacation, a weekend all alone at home… What better thing to do than set aside some time for yourself and organize your very own spa day at home? If the weather is too hot to be enjoyed outside with friends and family, or heavy unusual rains are falling and making you unable to tan in the sun, here is a perfect way to use the day by staying indoors!

With all the stress we accumulate during our daily lives, its important to set aside some time just for ourselves to relax. Not everyone can afford the luxury of a day spent at the spa, even if we do have time. Here are 5 simple tricks to create spa treatments worthy of the best wellness centers out there, even of you don’t have much of a budget. Trust me, once you are done enjoying these, you will be as good as new!

A Relaxing Rose Bath

Spa day at home means you have to take a long, relaxing bath! Once you are done foaming up the water, make sure to add rosewater and coconut milk to it. You will nourish your skin and your senses… Mmm aromatherapy!

Skin Moisturizer

Is your skin feeling flaky as of late? Does it need nourishment? Try a combo of honey and olive oil: mix the two together and apply to the areas of your skin that crack easily or have blemishes. Honey in particular has strong antiseptic properties, and will help you get rid of acne!

Body Scrub

Now that you are done with nourishing your face, start thinking about your whole body. Prepare a body scrub with brown sugar, honey and lavender oil, and use it to exfoliate all the dead skin! Rub with energy, but pay attention not to irritate your skin too much.

Hair Mask

Now you are done with your body, give your hair a bit of love, will you? If you have brittle hair, the best homemade spa treatments you can create with a low budged include eggs, olive oil and avocado. Mix up these ingredients, and apply the result on damp hair for 30 minutes.


Are you done with your DIY Spa treatments? Time to lay down and relax once again! Prepare a smoothie beforehand, and have it nice and ready for when you finally head out from the bath! You can use apple, avocado, aloe vera, honey and yoghurt for the best result!

I hope you will find these tips for the perfect spa day at home useful! Enjoy yourself in spite of the weather, and make every day a day where you can take care of yourself and pamper your needs with some well deserved love.