Dream Meanings

Dream Meanings

The strangeness of dreaming, despite it ‘s a regular biological function, is to encourage myths and fantastic explanation. Our bizarre night-time visitations seem to be so intensely real even if they remain mostly unfathomable to our conscious mind and are usually quickly forgotten.

The first requirement is to remember a dream

Dreaming is predominantly a right-brain metaphorical activity, and so the first step is to give voice to it straight away. Write it down, record it on tape or tell somebody about it quickly. By doing this you activate the parts of your brain that create narrative and memories; that is a left-brain activity. Otherwise the dream will quickly fade away. Let’s assume that you remember a dream. It is rare that a dreamer could understand immediately the meaning of his dream and if you tell it someone who knows you and who is aware of what was going on in your life, that person will be able to see the metaphorical connection quicker than you will. There are three main reasons for this.
First of all, during the awakening, a person is still close to the metaphorical mind so that he can’t easily read his dream.
Secondly, the excitement inside you that produced the dream is now not so vivid, so it is harder for you to remember what the source is.
And, thirdly, we used to forget our dreams because we need to be able to distinguish between the metaphorical world of the REM dream state and the real life.
Once you wrote down your dream, you can start to analyze your story, in order to reach its real meaning. What you have to remember is that your brain is able to collect all your memories and to take all the information from your whole life and from the outside world in order to produce a dream.
Sometimes dreams are just memories and thoughts put together, sometimes they are little parts of the day that you didn’t notice before, sometimes dreams are desires. It’s not easy to find out the real meaning of our dreams, but it could be the first step to a self-understanding and maybe enlightment, too.

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