Emotional Health and Reasons for Stress: How to Avoid Anxiety and Live a Happy Life

Emotional Health and Reasons for Stress: How to Avoid Anxiety and Live a Happy Life

As the years go by, we change. Change is unavoidable. We experience what life gives to us, and through that we learn and grow. We become adults, and lose our sense of wonder, that beautiful rush of curiosity when we discover something for the first time.

In someway, we begin to perceive that all that we are experiencing has already been felt before, and this is one of the main reasons for depression. We start believing that our life is a redundant and annoying circle of never-ending, mirrored events that will never bring back the sense of discovery and wonder which once permeated our lives.

There are three main reasons for this to happen, and knowing them is the secret to live a happy life and control your emotional health:

1. You think the sense of wonder is a waste of time.

One of the reasons for stress is not stopping and appreciating the small and beautiful things that Mother Nature has to offer. Starting tomorrow, go take a walk through nature instead of sitting on the couch and watching TV. Try using your time and do something that you normally would not, and do not think of it as a “Waste of Time”.

2. You are too focused on the future to live a happy life.

You are not living in the moment, but in the future. Start thinking about what can make you happy in this moment. Live this moment in order to be happy in the future.

3. You are being defensive.

Do not close yourself off thinking you can live happy without new experiences. This is not the correct way to avoid anxiety: you are just being scared of what the world would ask of you. Open your doors and breathe new experiences. You can live happy even when life demands a lot from you; you connect more with others and feel part of something greater.

Correct the three steps above if you believe they are reasons for depression in your life. May find the sense of wonder that a child has and be able to live a happy life thanks to it.